Category: Verbal Harassment

Perogie Power

I was enjoying the lovely Wednesday Farmer’s Market with a friend. We were eating perogies and looking at the vendors and having a great time. When we started crossing into the next aisle, a man with a walker told us to stop eating our lunch because ‘perogies aren’t diet food.’ I felt tears sting my … Continued

New submission from J.E

I was out for a walk with my toddler around 2 pm,and noticed a man waiting at the bus stop on the corner and staring at me, so I turned on to Park street to avoid him. I then heard someone walking behind me.I had a bad feeling.I stopped,then heard the footsteps behind me stop,confirming … Continued

Aylmer St

so i was sitting outside of my apartment on Aylmer between Dublin and London and noticed my neighbour from 580 Aylmer was really obviously watching a person in a skirt walk past his porch. He watched them walk all the way down Aylmer, all the while making comments outloud to himself about how ‘sexy’ this … Continued

R’s Story

I was on my way walking to work and I had to cross the street at George and McDonnel towards the church and a car full of students pulled up too far onto the crosswalk and I had to walk around in front of their car. They then proceeded to drive up behind me and … Continued

Laura’s Post

Sitting, waiting for the bus with my girlfriend and two dudes walk by and one says, “looking good gorgeous.” And I reply, “ya you too.” [got_back]

Gross dude in hot pink shorts

Biking on George street and I was stopped at a red light at George & McDonnell. A young man on the corner asked me if I “needed some loving” or something along those lines. Disgusted, I decided to run the red light to get away from this guy asap. I gave him the finger as … Continued

“Nice guy”

Standing at the corner of George and Brock and was aggressively pressured into conversation with a guy who introduced himself as Kyle. He swore he was just a “nice guy” and kept on asking for my name. When I refused with a cold shoulder he repeatedly asked me to “at least” shake his hand. I … Continued

Outside the Gallery…

Standing in front of an art gallery,┬ásmoking at a show. Two drunk white boys calling each other the n-word approached my friends. During this interaction the two men touched my friends and grabbed their faces. After being told they were not allowed to do that, they laughed and became even more aggressive. And made jerk-off … Continued

Evan’s Story

I was walking to The Garnet to meet some friends, and saw two older men sitting at one of the patios on Hunter St. I could see the one man looking at me, and he took off his sunglasses and called out, “Hey there sweetheart, where are you from?” I said Peterborough, even though it … Continued