Category: Misogyny

Aylmer St

so i was sitting outside of my apartment on Aylmer between Dublin and London and noticed my neighbour from 580 Aylmer was really obviously watching a person in a skirt walk past his porch. He watched them walk all the way down Aylmer, all the while making comments outloud to himself about how ‘sexy’ this … Continued

Gross dude in hot pink shorts

Biking on George street and I was stopped at a red light at George & McDonnell. A young man on the corner asked me if I “needed some loving” or something along those lines. Disgusted, I decided to run the red light to get away from this guy asap. I gave him the finger as … Continued

R’s Story

A friend and I were walking towards Charlotte St from Simcoe St and saw four girls using one hoop on the courts to practice basketball. As we got closer to Charlotte St we noticed someone standing on their balcony in Charlotte Towers on the far right of the building, closest to Alymer St, using binoculars … Continued

B’s Story

I’m waiting for the 4:45AM bus to Toronto at the Greyhound station so I can get to work on time. As the bus parks, passengers exit as I line up with my ticket. Two men get off the bus, clearly drunk. They start staring at me, and then one yells, “DAMN GIRL” and strings together … Continued

Ann’s Story

I was standing at the bus stop on a sunny day and two men my age cross the street. A guy in an orange baseball cap and long hair in a ponytail (with whom many of my female friends have had uncomfortable interactions with) says “hey there cutie pie.” I continue texting, with my body … Continued

A’s Story

It was the beginning of the school year and unseasonably hot and I was making a trip to a drug store onĀ Charlotte street while listening to music. I heard some yelling through the music, momentarily ignored it until I looked over and noticed about three young guys hooting at me with one doing the “jacking … Continued

K’s Story

I was going out for brunch with my partner and decided to run across the street to the pharmacy to fill my prescription while we were waiting for our food. As I was crossing the street, bundled up in all of my Canadian winter layers, two men who were turning the corner in their car … Continued