Category: Leering

Aylmer St

so i was sitting outside of my apartment on Aylmer between Dublin and London and noticed my neighbour from 580 Aylmer was really obviously watching a person in a skirt walk past his porch. He watched them walk all the way down Aylmer, all the while making comments outloud to himself about how ‘sexy’ this … Continued

Evan’s Story

I was walking to The Garnet to meet some friends, and saw two older men sitting at one of the patios on Hunter St. I could see the one man looking at me, and he took off his sunglasses and called out, “Hey there sweetheart, where are you from?” I said Peterborough, even though it … Continued

R’s Story

A friend and I were walking towards Charlotte St from Simcoe St and saw four girls using one hoop on the courts to practice basketball. As we got closer to Charlotte St we noticed someone standing on their balcony in Charlotte Towers on the far right of the building, closest to Alymer St, using binoculars … Continued