Perogie Power

I was enjoying the lovely Wednesday Farmer’s Market with a friend. We were eating perogies and looking at the vendors and having a great time. When we started crossing into the next aisle, a man with a walker told us to stop eating our lunch because ‘perogies aren’t diet food.’

I felt tears sting my eyes because I have struggled with my weight and eating habits since I was 10, and am trying to be comfortable eating the foods that I want, where I want. My friend yelled back to him “good thing we aren’t on a diet!” and we left the market early. I wish I had the nerve to say something more to him, about how I don’t care what he thinks and it isn’t appropriate to police what people are wearing or eating, but I felt like if I spoke I would cry, so I didn’t say anything. I’m glad my friend was there, we went to a more secluded place and debriefed, we decided next time to eat as many damn perogies as we wanted. I’m mad that this man almost ruined my day and almost ruined the market for me, it’s such a lovely place with fresh, local produce & nice folks, it was such a bummer to have this crusty piece of shit wreck it.