New submission from J.E

I was out for a walk with my toddler around 2 pm,and noticed a man waiting at the bus stop on the corner and staring at me, so I turned on to Park street to avoid him. I then heard someone walking behind me.I had a bad feeling.I stopped,then heard the footsteps behind me stop,confirming that he had been following me. I turned and looked at him he just stood there staring.

I shouted at him to try and get the attention of anyone around,and maybe let him know that what he was doing was not ok. It is all I could do at the time as I was having an anxiety attack. I continued to walk up Park street,looking over my shoulder. He scurried across the street,and behind the buildings there .

I am very lucky that there were people out and about.Who knows what he would have done,if the street was not busy that day. I also did not have my cell phone on me,so could not call 911. This happened in the middle of the day! I had my toddler with me. It makes me very angry that some men think it is okay to make women feel unsafe in public places.