Aylmer St

so i was sitting outside of my apartment on Aylmer between Dublin and London and noticed my neighbour from 580 Aylmer was really obviously watching a person in a skirt walk past his porch. He watched them walk all the way down Aylmer, all the while making comments outloud to himself about how ‘sexy’ this person was and all this bs.

i yelled out to him to ask what he thought he was doing and told him people’s bodies aren’t his to look at and that men like him are the reason it’s fucking scary to go outside. he then proceeded to tell me that i was ‘crazy’ and that i was mad because i was fat and unattractive. he pointed at the road between us and told me that’s a line we can’t cross and i felt he was threatening me all while continuing to yell at me.

he then proceeded to go into his back yard and made a point to loudly cat call the next person to walk down the street so i could hear it as i stood my ground. i heard him telling one of his roommates about me and feel unsafe that he knows where i live.

i would recommend staying clear of this stretch of street as much as possible as he sits outside every day.


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