Jay’s Story

I am not one to post thing’s like this because this is personal to Me. I am a diabetic of 38 Years so I have been sick for many years. I had a transplant in 2006 so I am scared very much.There are two things in My story. I was out to dinner and I had to take my insulin. Fine with Me it keeps me alive. I watch people out of the corner of My eye as I am taking My insulin as discretely as I can in a resturant for I am to take just before I eat and it works as my body breaks down the food. Some of the looks I get are very disgraceful to say the least (like what are you doing that for) instead of giving these looks come over and ask I will explain my actions to You if You would simply inquire about it.

My next thing is my scars. I was cut from crotch to rib cage to recive organs to keep me alive to see my children have children and enjoy my life a little longer I hope. I can not seem to walk 20 feet down the street without getting these looks like what kind of freak are you? Ok I am 5 foot 9 180 pounds tattooed and scarred. No my tattoos do not mean I am ignorant or disrespectful or rude. They are My expression of My feeling to people I want to express it for. My art to remember my friends and family. So if you see someone taking a shot or looking big or mean or scarred n all, don’t give them dirty looks or stare from the other side of the room. Simply talk to us because who knows we may have more to share than dirty looks but you would never know unless you ask. Thank you.